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123 Supplies Company, Inc. is a widely respected commercial janitorial firm. Established May 14, 1997, as Ontario Corporation, we began providing janitorial.
123 supplies conduct business in all Ontario, Canada. We often partner with small and minority owned companies to provide labor and resources to our larger contracts. We regularly solicit potential for smaller contracts to give these businesses the opportunity to grow and expand their businesses.
For each project, our primary objectives will be to ensure that on a regular and routine basis, all services are performed on schedule, to your complete satisfaction and in a manner that continually improves the quality and timeliness of services.

The industries we currently service include:

  • Commercial Offices.
  • Educationa.
  • Aviation.
  • Stadiums.
  • Industrial and Manufacturing.
  • Healthcare
  • Facilities for Federal, State, and Local Government

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